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Listen for the new song "Wolves'stone" at Hardcoremix today.
What is the Chicago music scene like?
There is always something going on, which is great.  I grew up in a pretty small town, so the activity and multitude of venues is almost overwhelming.
Growing up in Texas, at what point did you realize you wanted to be a musician?
I don't think I've ever decided that I want to be a musician, it's just something that has happened.  I'm primarily a visual artist, but I see it all to be related.
How did "The (Angry) Trees" name come about?
I enjoy parenthesis because in a structural sense they imply imbedded meaning, or levels of content and explication.  My lyrics often follow parallel narratives simultaneously so I appreciate the duality that parenthesis can generate grammatically.  Content-wise, I think it has something to do with my gravitation towards a dark acoustic tonality.
Where do you record at?
I rent an art studio space at Shape Shoppe in Chicago and have been recording there as well.
Being an indie artist, has social media helped build a fan base?
Definitely more than the telephone has.
Are you currently doing any shows lately?
I haven't played any shows as this is a new project for me.  I'm working on organizing an art show and performance this Summer which will coincide with the release of an EP.  It looks like I'll have one or two smaller shows before that.
You have a very mellow, Folk style of music. Have you ever crossed genres and did Rock or Country?
I'm currently playing bass and contrabass with two bands in Chicago. One of which you could call an Americana group (Northland Ghost), the other is folk (Woodrow Hart & the Haymaker).  I also played bass with two new-metal/psychadelic-rock groups back in Texas (Daemoon Fly and Stronghold).  I wouldn't call the EP I'm working on rock, but it seems to be moving to a more aggressive sound than the song I have posted on Hardcoremix.
What is your song writing process? Do you write the lyrics first?
Generally lyrics and music develop hand in hand at the origin of a song.  It's very organic: sounds come out and some of them make sense. Once I recognize a lyrical gestalt, the narrative takes on a life of it's own and begins to affect the composition structurally.
What music do you listen to in your personal time?
Lately, as I've been recording more, I tend to listen to songs that I'm working on.  Other than that I'm into a range of artists..  Patrick Watson, Baths, Andrew Bird, Deftones, David Gray, Spoek Mathambo.. I could go on.
What can we expect from you within the next year?
An EP or two, some videos, a few shows.. who knows?
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