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Suzanne Watson is the complete package.
At what age did you realize you had a singing voice?
I realized how much I loved to sing around the age of 5, which was also when I realized
I wanted to be a teacher! I'm teaching now and would LOVE to make a professional singing career!
Who influenced you musically growing up?
My musical influences included Whitney Houston, Bette Midler, Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, Patty Loveless, Suzy Boggus, Lori Morgan, Terri Clark.
Where do you record?
I record in the Dallas Area.
What is your songwriting process like?
I prefer to collaborate with other songwriters because of the great ideas that can come with multiple minds! When I'm working solo I write from personal experiences or the experiences of others. I love music that tells a story, music that anyone can
relate to.
You have recorded at many venues in Texas and more, what can we expect from your live shows?
For me live performance is all about the interaction with the audience, so my hope is for everyone to glean everything they can from the music and energy and want to come back for more!! I strive for high energy, fun, and just tapping into as many emotions as possible. I LOVE seeing people singing along, dancing, and just having a great time!
Is it hard coming up as a recording artist in Texas in your genre?
It can be because there are so many fantastic artists here in Texas, without a doubt! I hope that people will realize the passion I have for music and hear/feel that passion through the songs I perform. In turn, I hope they will be able to connect with
the songs and with me!
Would you consider crossing over into other genres such as Jazz or Blues?
If my voice is fitting for the project than I'd consider it!
What projects are you working on lately?
I am preparing to begin recording an EP of 5-7 songs, and can't wait to do so!!
Do you wish to do any collaborations with other artists in the future?
What can we expect from you within the next year?
I would like to have an EP out and songs being played everywhere they possibly can! I also plan to be out performing more and would like to work on more writing projects with other songwriters/artists!
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She is a talented singer/songwriter from Texas.