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We had a chance to talk to Jazz artist Oyvind Tangerud.
What is the local music scene like in Norway?
In my community, we have one jazz club open three hours every Saturday. We have a pub that plays only disco music on Fridays and Saturdays. Once in a while we have concerts in our local theatre, featuring well known Norwegian and foreign artists. In Oslo, it is a bit different. Many music clubs with live music. I think it`s the same in the other cities in Norway.
At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be involved in music?
I have always enjoyed music and wanted to be involved in it. It has been a dream all my life. I was in different Rock bands in my teens, and as a grown up, I have participated in two big bands in the area. I think I was thinking and dreaming of being a musician  from my early teens, early sixties.
How many instruments can you play?
My first instrument was a harmonica. I played with my father every Sunday, when I was six to seven years old. My second Instrument was a trumpet which I played in my local school band. At the age of ten I got my first guitar and it has been my favourite instrument ever since.
Do you prefer playing in bands or being solo?
I prefer to play in both, but it is very exciting that I have got three other musicians who want to play my music. I could go solo too, but I like to communicate with people, so I start with the band.
Where do you currently record?
I have a little recording studio on my own and I make all my music there. It would be nice if I could have a record company behind me, to be able to be more creative. and not so technical.
You have been writing and recording for years. Do you like the digital age of music? Do you see artists losing money to downloading?
As a mather of fact I am not sure. It's much easier to get a musical career now because of the internet and the digital revolution. I see that artists can lose money, but they do reach far out with their music, so if we are talking mass distribution, perhaps it`s not so bad. May be they earn more. I am not sure.
Have you been doing any live shows lately?
It is some years since the last show I was attending, but I would very much like doing it again. Therefore I am putting together a band now.
Who are your biggest influences?
The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chicago, and all the Motown bands. Eric Clapton, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Larry Carlton, and Robben Ford Band. My list could be endless . It is so many great musicians out there.
Do you ever think of crossing over genres sometimes?
I think I do. I have recorded over 100 tracks from Country & Western to Rock N' Roll and to Swing and Latin. But I think I have found my style in easy listening Jazz, blues and some Bossa nova. We will see. I could be backing up some artists too
What can we expect from you in the future?
I will make new music, a music video, out on the road. Being a great band and hopefully bring joy to people.
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