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This is one bad ass band!
How did the band come together?
We were all either good friends or mutual friends from different bands and played gigs together over the years, and when this band started, the other bands were flaming out, so it was sort of a smooth transition.

What is the local music scene like in Northern Louisiana?
To be honest it is hit and miss. It seems to thrive more in the Summer in the Shreveport/Monroe areas.

What other bands were you all in prior to Kulture Kill?
Our members have played in bands such as, Pandora's Kyn, Tyrants of Steel, Trepid, Critical Failure, and Hollow Tree.

What is your song writing process like?
We paint with a broad brush. We have natural Hard Rock sound, yet we always expand the boundries with different arrangements and styles. We have a natural ability to bring all the influences in the room and actually get along.

You guys are a awesome blend of Hard Rock, Metal, Country and more.
Could you see the band doing a Rock/Pop type cross-over?

It would have to be the right thing I presume. It's not something we have thought about up to this point but, I won't say we would never give it a shot.

What was the reception like for your first album, "The Blessing and The Curse"?
We have received a lot positive feedback from great sites such as Reverbnation where we have been ranked #1 regionally for the last year. We have some tracks on some peoples boards such as ESPN and do work with GoDiy Records.

Do you have any shows coming up?
We are currently booking April, and beyond as we speak. Nothing confirmed as of yet.

Tell us about your new album "Bent". How was it working with Frank Pryor as the producer of this project?
Frank is a true professional that knows how to get the best out of what you bring in the room.
Very easy guy to work with. We highly recommend him.

Where do you record?

S.M.A.R.T. Productions in Nash, Tx

What can we expect from you this year?
To finish the Album "Bent". Play shows in the Southern Region and some in the Midwest. Plus, other opportunities yet to be presented all while writing on our third album.
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One listen and you will be hooked