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Kirsten is a beautiful and talented woman!
Where did you grow up and what was the music scene like there? I grew up in the small village, Bovensmilde (near Assen), in the Northern of Holland. I came in contact with music through my mom who played organ. We listened as kids to Elly & Rikkert, a duo from Holland. Later on i became to listen to more styles as i grew older. There wasn't a lot of music scene in Assen/Bovensmilde and in Holland, it isn't so common as in America, that whole families make music together. So in my childhood i've learned most things by listening to other musicians, radio, and later on I learned from my music teacher.  I followed flute lessons since the age of 12.

At what age did you discover your singing voice? I've been singing as long as I can remember. Music was always a great part of me. My parents said I always was singing and recording myself since since the age of 5. When I really started my flute playing well, I discovered that I really had the gift of music and singing. i was quick in learning and I discovered that I could bring over the emotions of a song. We went to a professional and sang with her while she judged my singing. She said that I should go further with singing, and that's the time I started my singing lessons. I started singing in semi-professional choirs and came in contact with some great musicians.

Was it always easy for you to perform in front of a crowd? Did you ever get nervous early on?
No, on the contrary  my life has been about a few long periods of serious depressions, and i had become very insecure about every part of life, (myself, my looks, my roll as a wife/frend/mother/daughter), so it has never come up in my mind to become a solo artist. God made it so clear that I had to do more with music, and make my own album, but I put that idea aside everytime because of my insecureness, and the idea how I was gonna have to arrange all finances and so on. But God kept telling me that this was what I had to do. When someone said to me that in fact I was like Jona, (who also didn't listen to the Lord), it stroked my heart, because all I wanted to do is follow God in all of His ways and where ever He may lead me. So I took a step of faith and started. My insecureness now is a little better, but still, everytime when I have to sing, i'm so nervous and insecure. Everytime I go on stage, I have to put everything in the Lords hands and go and not let my insecureness withold me.

Tell us about your latest project. Well, my first album, "Praise His Name",  has just been released June 28th, 2014. The Lord has done miracles during the making process and i'm so honored to have such great musicians as Gordon Mote, Luca Genta, Jan Peter Bijersbergen (Jay-P), Frank van Essen, and Andre Bijleveld participating in my album. We are all still suprised of how everything is going so far. Within a week my album was sold out here in Holland, got much airplay, new performances, and great reactions. One day I got the question from a company from Nashville if i'd like to sing a song for them, Crossroads offered to be on their radio sampler in August of 2014. Everytime we're still being confirmed that this was my assignment what God wanted me to do. We said that if only 1 person was encouraged by the album, it was worth the effort. But God has blessed it yet so many more, and still continuous to spread His word through my life story and music. I Never thought I would been used this way, but awesome to see.

Where do you generally record at? I've just recorded one solo album, that was recorded at multiple places. My vocals were recorded at the studio of Jan Peter Bijersbergen (Jay-P) in Zwolle. Also a part of the instruments. Gordon Mote did record his piano recordings in Nashville.

Do you write songs for other artists? If not, would you consider it in the future? I've just started writing. On my album there are two songs which i did some writing or arrangments for. I  want to improve my writing skills and maybe in the future I will write for others, I don't know yet. I've been arranging a long time. I start playing on my piano and singing, recording it on my Phone, later I will write the sheet music with software like finale.

You are a Mother, business owner and a recording artist. Is it hard juggling all three roles? 

Sometimes it's very hard. I want to do everything as well as possible and I know myself that I set high goals, but when my body doesn't work with me, and i'm not feeling well, sometimes I have to get extra help. I have troubles with my intestines, and last year i've become an colostomy and i've had 6 surgeries in the past 2 years, but God Always provides and stand with us.

Will we see any music videos from this new album? Well, I surely hope so, but as I tell you that i've financed everything myself for the album, I think you'll understand that we don't have any budget left at this time to make video's. Who knows what the future will bring. If God wants it, i'm sure He'll provide!

What music do you listen to in your private time?
All kinds of music from regular to Gospel, from black Gospel to Classic, Country, Contemporary, to Jazz and Praise/Worship. it just depends on the mood i'm in.

What can we expect from you in the future? Whatever God holds in mind. I don't know where it may lead. I hope we can make more beautifull music and that I can come to America soon to meet all the new friends there. We're on the audio sampler of Crossroads this month, so hopefully we'll get lots of airplay in America,  I'm going to make a single in Nashville with very very great country musicians.. so that will be released at time and in Holland. We're hoping to get signed by a record label in America and I hope personally that Gods word will be spread to all people who need it. That they may be encouraged, and get strength from it so that they'll Praise His Name, through any circumstance! But if you are curious of how it's going, please check out my website, or stay tuned at Reverbnation, Twitter or Facebook!
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