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We had a chance to talk to extremely talented Kelly Ballard.
Listen for her new song at radio.
What was it like growing up in Glenville, GA?
I actually grew up in Loganville, GA and moved to South GA to attend Georgia Military College.  I have been in Glennville for about a year and I love the pace of small town life.
Who influenced you to discover your voice at such a young age?
My mother was my role model growing up. We had a karaoke machine, and she would have me sing for the family often. I was never given professional voice lessons, but my mother taught me how to sing correctly.
At what point did you decide you wanted to try a career in music?
Honestly, I knew at four years old that I wanted to have a career in the music industry. I have always loved to perform in front of anyone willing to watch/listen. There is no other feeling like being on stage in front of a crowd of people who love music just as much as you do. I would sing on stage 24/7 if I could .When I am on stage is where I feel like “me’ the most. You know when you feel like something is missing in your life? Well that's how I felt until I performed on stage for the first time. I just knew that's where I belonged!
Does anyone else in your family have a musical background?
Yes, my mother actually toured with her band The Silver Eagle Band when my brothers and I were younger. She decided to give up her dream for us to have a shot at a normal life. Now she is writing songs for me, and is there with me every step of the way. I wouldn't have it any other way!  She actually wrote my new song “When You Go” when I was 15 years old about me!
You joined the Army out of high school. Is it something you always wanted to do?
I decided to join the Army right after I went to my oldest brother's basic training graduation. The Army is something that I hold in highest regard and I love my battle buddies.  Serving my country is a major part of my life and I am proud to serve my country.
Where do you record?
I record at RockBot Studios in Jacksonville, FL, and in Nashville, TN.
What is the local Country scene like in your hometown?
The local Country scene is amazing in South Georgia! There is always a live band playing at a local bar, Mud Bog or Tractors Pull.
Do you play any instruments or do you only write songs?
Yes, I play guitar and write/co-write with my mother.
Have you been doing many live shows?
I just did my first live show in April at East Coast Off Road Park in Hortense, GA, where I opened up for Big Smo and Cody McCarver. My next show is on May 25, 2012 at East Coast Off Road Park.  I took a break from music after high school due to my military tour in Iraq.
What can we expect from you in the future?
I am currently working on my first album and will be working with my band to get ready for my first tour.  You can expect to be seeing a lot of me where live shows are concerned.  I am hoping that I will be able to release my album in the next six months.  I am currently receiving airtime on Renegade Radio Nashville and will be continuing to work with WYNR Radio in Waycross, GA until the end of this year doing special appearances as Today’s Country Idol 2012.
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