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Where did you grow up?
Well, I was born In Jamaica, but grow up In England.

Who or what influenced you to get into music?
I love the style of Otis Reading, Al Green, and Bob Marley.

What is the local music scene like in England?
In England, the music Is mostly Hip-Hop, Commercial Pop, and Reggae.

Before becoming a solo artist, were you in any bands?
Yes, I use to sing with a band called The Equators.

Where do you record at?
Most of my music is recorded in London, and mixed down In Jamaica.

What instruments do you play?
I don't really play an Instrument, but wrote mostly all the lyrics on my Albums.

Tell us about your latest project.
Reggae and the Soul Album. You can buy my music off of my website.

Do you have any live shows coming up?
Well, right now I'm trying to get management, but I love to sing and hope to perform live soon.

Do you work with other artists?
No, I'm not working with any other artists at this moment.

What can we expect from you in the future?
In the future, I'm hoping to do some more albums.
Talented Reggae artist and songwriter!
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