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We had the pleasure of interviewing  Country artist "Link"
Where did you grow up and how did the area influence you musically?
I grew up in southeast VA.  It was a HUGE influence because I grew up on my Papa's tobacco farm and worked like hell on that land! My Grandpa owned a Bluegrass/Country radio station and at the age of 5, I began as a DJ at his radio station under the alias Scoot Scoot. I also began playing drums every Saturday night at his dance hall where all of my family performed.
That was the beginning of life as I know it.

At what age did you begin writing original songs?
Right around 15. I had learned guitar and the teen years certainly bring on a lot of inspiration

Where do you generally record?
I've recorded many places. For demos at home, I use Garage Band. I'm bare bones in that sense. For my records I recorded at my producer's studio in Nashville. He has since relocated to L.A. So I guess the next record is heading west.

What is a typical studio session with you like?
I really like bouncing off ideas. My mind rolls a mile a minute so a lot of times I tell my producer the vibe I am seeking and we literally tool around with sounds until I find a vibe I like. From there we start building up the tracks piece by piece. He plays multiple instruments and programs and I play a lot of instruments as well as lead guitar so it really works out. And then before we know it, a track is born.

Do you write songs for other artists?
I do write songs that get pitched to other artists, but I usually write with some of my artist friends with the intention of creating a song that works for one of us. We would probably have more luck if we wrote for others.

Through the years, how do you plan on developing your own sound in Country music?
I want to create a truly UNIQUE sound. One that combines all the elements of all the genres I love, but is for certain my own thing. I think a lot more experimenting in the studio will aid in my ambition.

Tell us about your latest project.
My latest project is my upcoming unreleased album titled Getaway. It has been 3 years in the making and I believe is the stepping stone to getting where I want to be in my music. It is a combination of all my influence and I hope the fans will like what they hear.

At what point do you see all music going digital? Do you think most music will be free eventually and touring and merchandise will be the main income for indie artists?
I for sure think touring and merchandising will mean survival for Indy artists, but as for music going all digital I am not sure. It is nice to see somewhat of a revival of records. I am a record addict. On the topic of music being free, I know every other occupation in the world people get paid for their work ad I hope musicians will continue to as well.

Have you been touring lately?
I have played over 10,000 shows since I started, I think! But the last year has been tough because I have focused a lot more on writing and recording. I am really looking forward to touring again as that is my favorite aspect of music. Nothing beats the energy of a live crowd.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Chaos, confusion, and a lot of weird answers.
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