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Extremely talented and focused recording artist Jo'King
You were raised within a musical family, at what age did you realize you wanted to be involved in music as well? I was about seven. Family get-togethers always ended around the piano singing,  and harmonizing. My mother and her siblings had a family group that sung at different churches and on the radio on Sunday mornings. Their rehearsals were a point of inspiration, and admiration during my youth.

What was the local music scene like growing up in Mississippi? Even though Gospel music was the strength and backbone of my family's belief, the people of Mississippi loved the Blues and the sounds of Motown. We had block Hops, with a live band, every weekend, on the side of the school, and I didn't miss a one.

You have been involved with groups and recording for years, so you have been through the ages of albums being released on vinyl, cassette and recently CD. Do miss any of those prior formats now that the digital download era has taken over? Personally I love the new digital age. Sound quality is so much better. I've been able to record my vocals here in New Orleans and the music was recorded in Oregon, or by a friend in Detroit. No, I don't miss the old formats, but we did the best we could at the time.

Where do you currently record? I do all of my preliminary creations in my home studio. I seek out other local studios for mixing and mastering.

What is your songwriting process like? No matter the time, day or night! No matter where I am. If I get an idea for a song I will hum it into my iPhone or my iPad if I'm not at home in the studio. Songwriting is an ongoing process for me. I hear melodies most of the time. When something is said, or a sermon is preached, or a child is laughing, I'm encouraged to write. I could start out writing something secular, but it always ends up spiritual with an R&B flavor.

Do you perform live lately? Not as much as I used to. I sing every Sunday at my church, or other churches by invitation. I do occasional Gospel brunch throughout the city, and put together some of my own productions from time to time.

What music do you listen to in your private time? I will always love Old School music, Blues, Jazz, and of course Jo'King and other Gospel music

Would you say Gospel music has gained more fans in recent years?
I think that Gospel music has always been rich with fans. I think that we have connected those fans throughout the world via Internet & TV media, and giving them the opportunity to see and hear different artists they'd never knew existed.

Tell us about your latest project.
"Glory Honor and Power". Released June 28, 2014. Reflecting on the past five years of my life, and where God has brought me from, I simply wanted to write songs that would exalt His name. I wanted to give Him all the glory for His love, grace, and mercy.

What can we expect from you in the future? As long as I am obedient unto Him and His Word, I am confident that God will continually bless me. I am currently working on a single release to be announced at a later date.
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