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What is the difference between the music scenes in New Zealand and Australia?
I have been living in Australia for 20 years so I don't really know much about NZ's music scene except it is a lot smaller than Australia. Hip hop and rock bands have always been quite popular in NZ. Pop music is one of the main niches in Australia.
When did you realize you had a voice and you had an interest in music?
I started singing in choirs at school when I was six years old and it wasn't until my music teacher was testing all of us on singing later when I was thirteen, that I started singing solo. First it was Country and then I went onto sing Pop and Rock until I left school.
What type of music did you listen to growing up?
Pop music mainly. I remember making extended Wham and Madonna remixes by recording and cutting up cassette tape around the age of fourteen.
You write, produce, and engineer.  What gear do you use to create music, and what do you use to track and mix?
I have been using Cubase for a number of years to produce my tracks and it's only recently that I've started playing with Ableton Live to mix tracks and eventually I would like to do my own gigs with this program. 
Your music is creative and fresh. What is your song writing process like?
I either get a melody in my head which doesn't go away, or I just sit down and start writing something new. No set rule, it really comes from inspiration at any time.  I do have a folder of lyrics I've been writing since I was 18. Every now and then I pull this out for inspiration too.
How do you feel your music has grown from your debut album, to your latest "DHF"?
Well, my first release was an EP "eM.Experience", and that was quite ambient sounding. My first album "Darker Harder", was the progression of me learning to produce beats.  I then started writing 'DHF' a year after the first album where I feel I have found my niche in production.
Do you write and produce for other artists?
Yes, I have been collaborating for over five years with other producers including MaRLo, Jerome Zambino, Roby Mannarini, and of more recent times, keep an eye out for new releases with Zibe and Andy Woldman.
How does your music do in America compared to other areas?
I have 2-3 profiles on various music sites and 60% of my listeners on all profiles are from the USA.
Do you do live shows often?
I usually hold a CD launch with each release and I used to sing with DJs a few years ago around Melbourne but haven't had many gigs in the last couple of years due to spending so much time in my studio. Now that I am learning Ableton, I hope to change this and be out on the gig circuit in time for the Australian summer.
Is doing remixes of songs on your album beneficial to the success of the album?
I just love hearing other renditions of my songs. I do feel remixes widen the exposure and as my original songs are often more ambient than dance, getting different genre mixes appeals to a wider audience.
Do you see yourself crossing over to different genres eventually?
I have a ton of acoustic songs to one day record. About ten years ago I was in an acoustic duo so that's definitely on my list to do. I also want to dabble in orchestral music.  To me, writing songs isn't necessarily about a genre. A good song stands out no matter whether its Rock, Pop, Dance, whatever.
What can we expect from you in the next year?
I am working on a new three track EP "Encore", which is the encore to "DHF". I will be mixing these tracks together into a DJ mix and I have a number of other releases coming up too. The "DHF Dirty Mixed", release happens on the 20th of August through Elettrika Records. These are remixes mainly from "DHF" and "Darker Harder". Promo music videos are on my

I also have collaborations releasing with Andy Woldman and Zibe. It's going to get very busy in the EDM scene with my music very shortly. (HeHe)
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We had the pleasure of interviewing eM,
an amazing singer, songwriter and producer.