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Miami, Florida's finest
Where did you grow up?
I was born in Atlanta, Ga and lived there until I was twelve. I then moved to Copperas Cove, Texas / Fort Hood Military Base. When I graduated college at 21, I moved to South Beach Miami. I have been here for 14 years.

At what point did you have an interest in music?
I played classical piano up until I left for college, where my grand piano did not fit in the dorm, and was left behind! I needed another outlet, and after going to see Paul Van Dyke, the first real DJ I ever went to, I knew that very second that djing would be in my near future!

How did you get started being a DJ?
I was a Gogo dancer for all the most famous DJ's. I watched, I read every bio, and always was the person with the best music in her car. At the parties, DJ'ing was something that evolved in my lifestyle. I would go to a warehouse, and wait for days to play at the end, just so I could learn the equipment. I am self taught, and I learned first on virtual DJ, because that was all I had access to. Then someone heard my first demo release I made, and approached me at a party asking me how much did I have saved for equipment. I told him like $600, he said well I wanna sponsor your dream, see you on Monday with MK3. The clubs barely had them, and I was like yeah okay! And he showed up and left them no questions asked! The rest was history!

What equipment do you work with?
i learned on MK3, MK2 Pioneer, now I use Pioneer 2000 Nexus with Allen and Heath Xone 92 mixer. I use traktor from time to time depends on the gig and my schedule

Tell us about your podcast "Just Me And My Headphones".

The podcast was made a few years ago,  just a way for me to give music to my friends. I had no idea the success it would have, after I simply placed it on the Facebook feed! I now have almost 200K subscribers. I have been ranked in the top 15 in Tech/House for two plus years consecutively. I won the Mover and sShakers Award twice , and that is only given to like 3% of the websites 9 million podcasts. It takes the top five hundred podcast from all genres, and picks the fifty podcasts that have moved up the ranks the most spots, and those fifty are the movers and shakers out of 9 million other competitors! I won twice.

Tell us something people may not know about you.
I am an ER RN, and I have a degree, BS in Genetics and Organic Chemistry. I graduated with Cum Laude honors

Where is your favorite club to DJ?
Mostly warehouse, underground exclusives, invitation only venues, but I do like Steam and BEKKOI.

What is your main goal being a DJ?
To see the world, and do my part for music and have enough money just to pay what is needed and enough to take my friends with me on the adventure.

Have you been touring this year?
Yes,  I started in May. LA, Detroit, Toronto, and in June I did Houston and Austin Texas. I will be going to Europe for my first tour hopefully late September

What can we expect from you in the near future?
Production! Production! Production
I am dropping my first EP late in the Summer called Ricen, it's a remake of the Bel Biv Devoe track Poison.I am really excited from the response I have received, and canít say yet, but a really known label has expressed interest in acquiring it for the release .
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