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We had a chance to talk to extremely talented Adam Price.
Listen for his new song at radio.
What is the local Country Music scene like in Australia?
The Country music scene in Australia is wide open for new talent at the moment. We have our greats as all countries do like Lee Kernighan, Troy Cassar-Daly, Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys and Beccy Cole,
but there is also a massive amount of great independent talent coming through also and it’s a pleasure to see.
At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be involved in the music industry professionally?
I decided right after I got through a life changing illness in 2010, I was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia) in July 2010 with only 3 to 4 weeks to live if left without treatment.
On November 2nd 2010, I walked out of that hospital a completely changed man and with a goal to sing and do in life what “feels good” not what makes the most money for me (as at the time
I ran my own highly successful boutique internet marketing agency on a global scale.
Then with this decided, I had Gina Jeffrey’s write me a song Faith, Hope & Love which you can hear on my website, and we co-wrote this with her husband Rod McCormack and Mel Sommers
another very well respected singer / songwriter where I live.
The song went global in a very short time and 8 months later, we had enough songs to make an entire album “Paint You a Song” which was released on 29th of November 2011.
Have you ever wanted to cross-over into other genres?
In the early days, I sung a bit of rock n roll, crooning, blues and rock, and did a lot of variety shows on stage with a performance group, however it never felt “quite right” for me to be doing this as my heart and passion lays with country music, I’m a country boy at heart.
Where did you record "Paint You a Song"?
Paint You a Song was recorded at Rod McCormacks studio on the Central Coast of Australia, Rod is the leading country music studio in Australia and I feel very blessed to only live an hour
or so away from his studio and to have his and his wife “Gina Jeffrey’s” help when I need it for albums and creative ideas, they’re a wonderful inspiration to me.
We think it is amazing that proceeds from your music career go to the Leukaemia Foundation. How has being a Leukaemia survivor yourself, changed your thinking on life?
It’s completely overridden everything I did before, I was still very focussed on my friends and music, but the business side of things had me really stressed out and living on a merry-go-round of working for others and not for the joy of it.

If I could give one of the most powerful things I’ve learnt from my experience of having Leukaemia is to “Do What You LOVE” and the rest falls into place.

Since coming out of hospital, I’ve performed in grand opera halls, with some of the top artists in the music business in country and other generas, and have also fallen into “Keynote Concerts” where I speak an inspirational message to corporations, not-for-profits, churches and cancer councils and other groups who invite me to do this so that their people know there is hope and I mix my singing to enhance the story.
Your website is amazing. You can interact with fans in many ways. How has this helped your fan base?
Well being an internet marketer for over 20 years I believe the net “IS” the way to grow your fan base, a lot of musicians don’t understand how it works but there is a dynamic there which through allowing your followers and fans to interact with you in “real time” you actually compound the effects of gaining a fan base.

If you go a step further and weave social media and all the parts together in a giant marketing wheel  that feeds your music, news and stories out to the fans that want to see it, you compound it even further.

This also helps to grow audiences at local gigs and the local audience as well, so it’s instrumental in my growth… I’m even now looking at doing live gigs from my studio and streaming them to the world to see. A great demand for this is coming, and it’s time to get in early.
You also have an affiliate program to help promote and sell your music. How effective is using this method for your music sales?
As a new artist and only just putting the affiliate program in place and not yet promoting it heavily yet (as there’s still a few details to iron out) I haven’t fully tested this.

But I can say, as an affiliate marketer for the past 20 years and making a full time income from selling other peoples products, that affiliate marketing is an amazing model to sell music through, just need the right message, target market and the right affiliate marketers to promote and it works just like any other business would.
Do you write lyrics or music first for your songs?
I do a lot of co-writing of my songs, for example “Under Your Spell” was a dream I had one morning of the legendary Country singer George Strait singing the song, I awoke with the tune and a few words in my head and to my surprise there was nothing like it on the internet (as you never know if you’ve dreamed a real song from your subcouncious mind or if it’s a real original) in this case it was a true original and so I took the tune to Rod McCormack and we wrote the remaining words together and he put the tune to what I heard in the dream.

Many of the songs are written by talented song writers here in Australia and I try and pick the best songs which I think people will like, suit my voice and I feel passionate about singing and adopting the story of the song into my own life.
Do you have any shows coming up?
I’ll be doing some greatest hits albums of all the top country songs from many of my favourite artists, such as Alan Jackson, George Strait, Travis Tritt, Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks and a handful of others.

Plus, I’m going to be creating some great videos and beginning a live stream event for gigs that the whole world can see, plus I’ve also come up with a “Keynote Concert” for corporations and businesses where I do inspirational speaking and then sing songs that relate to the story. This whole concept goes down very well with them and they have me back time and time again.
What can we expect from you within the next year?
Definitely another album of greatest hits, videos and some breaking news on fundraising for the Leukaemia Foundation and raising record amounts for them from last year, where I was able to help be a part of raising over $500,000 in my town, which in the next year I aim at doubling and also creating a passive stream of income for the Leukaemia Foundation as well as the hospital haematology ward which saved my life.
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